How much does choir membership cost?

Choir membership costs £25 per month. Choir runs throughout the year, with sessions spread across 12 months, with one or two weeks in between to allow for other opportunities, including performances. The cost is for monthly membership to the choir and is not tied to rehearsals or performances, but the cost of membership covers rehearsals and performance opportunities throughout the year.

Can I stop my membership and rejoin?

You can stop your membership at any time. Rejoining is subject to available spaces and a £25 rejoining fee. You may not be able to join in the present block, but may be reinstated for the start of the next block of rehearsals.

Cancellation and refunds

You can cancel your membership at any time. This can be done through cancelling your direct debit, or through emailing us at info@glasgowcontemporarychoir.com to confirm your cancellation.

Refunds cannot be given retrospectively for past months, or for non-attendance. Direct debits can take a number of days to process, so please advise as early as possible of your cancellation. Payments will be stopped immediately upon notice of your cancellation.

Where can I access choir materials?

Choir materials are available on our online Members’ Area, where you can stream and download the various resources. We encourage members to practice as much as possible in between sessions, so rehearsal time can be used most productively. At the rehearsal, we provide copies of materials you can use in session – all we ask is these are returned to the choir leader at the end of each session to reduce paper waste and save trees!

Do I need to attend every rehearsal?

We recommend members attend every rehearsal, so we can work towards sounding as strong as possible. If you are unable to attend, that’s no problem, and there is no need to excuse your absence.

What songs do we sing?

We sing contemporary popular songs that hopefully everyone knows and enjoys!

Who can join?

Our choir is open to anyone 18+, male or female, who wants to take part. There are no auditions, no need to read music, and everyone is welcome.

When does the choir meet?

Our Glasgow Central Early Evening Session Choir meets weekly on Tuesdays from 6.00pm-7.15pm. Our Glasgow Central Late Evening Session meets weekly on Tuesdays from 7.30pm-8:45pm. Both sessions meet at Renfield St Stephen’s, 260 Bath Street (just 2 minutes walk from Charing Cross Station)

Still stuck? Send us an email to info@glasgowcontemporarychoir.com